Australia’s defence industry
has the workforce and skills to build our fleets.

Why are skills and knowledge important for the future?

If we don’t build our fleets locally we will lose decades of complex manufacturing skills offshore. These valuable and transferable skills are key to the knowledge economy of today and into the future.

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Highly skilled. Irreplaceable.

What’s at stake?

National security

Submarines and ships are the foundation of the most important military capabilities required to secure our trade and assure our national security.

National Security


The future submarine project is worth at least

50 Billion over years

With the potential for a further $50 billion worth of shipbuilding projects over the next 30 years.

And Australia has a highly skilled workforce we’ve already invested in.

Economic benefits


Australia cannot afford to be dependent on a foreign country.

To maintain our vitally important maritime assets we need the knowledge to do it ourselves.




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