Australian made defence

Australian Made Defence recognises that with the ambition of our people and renewed support from Government there are key opportunities for our nation

Recent multi-billion dollar commitments spanning over many decades into the future highlight the renewed commitment from the Federal Government to supporting a local defence industry. This will not only drive thousands of jobs for generations, but it will kick start investment into skills, innovation and technologies for the sector.

Having these capabilities available locally is the first step towards building up a range of skills that will make Australia globally competitive, bringing benefits to our industry, our workforce, and our economy.


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Best capabilities:

Investing in local industry, expanding our workforce, and developing our skills and knowledge base, will ensure Defence capability can be sustained locally, ensuring its availability to the Australian Defence Force.

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Long-term opportunities:

The defence sector needs to capture the imagination of our children – the future workforce – and show them a clear path to develop the technology of the future.

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Economic benefits:

Maximising Australian industry involvement across Defence acquisitions will develop our intellectual property to become globally competitive.

This means long-term sustainability for industry, transferring benefits to our economy and communities.