Australian made defence

Australian Made Defence campaigns for maximum Australian industry involvement across maritime, land and air acquisitions.

Recent commitments to a number of significant shipbuilding programs means our Defence Force will have the capabilities needed to meet our strategic requirements. This will drive innovation and promote jobs and skills across the nation.

Now we need to make sure that these programs are delivered and that Australian industry is well positioned to play a key role in maritime, air and land programs into the future.

This will mean:

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Security and sovereignty

Australia’s Defence Force has the best capabilities to secure our national security and sovereignty.

It is critical that Australian industry plays a key role in building and sustaining our defence capabilities so we can successfully support our armed forces.

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Economic benefits

Maximised national industry involvement leads to greater investment in local capabilities, driving innovation and productivity to create a more globally competitive industry. The advanced skills, technologies and capabilities will be transferrable to other sectors and stimulate our economy, benefitting Australia for generations.

The economic benefits will be spread across the nation as thousands of local jobs are created across the country in the sector and throughout the supply chain.

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Best capability

Our defence industry will be a key driver of innovation, new technology and capabilities that will transfer to other sectors.

Greater investment in local capabilities will make Australia's defence industry globally competitive.