The defence industry employs more than 25,000 people across Australia.

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Meet some of the people who are driving our nation's skills and innovation revolution.

  • Fran Koster – Business Owner

    Fran isn’t the sort of person you’d expect to find at a Defence conference. Nearly 20 years ago, the ex-nutritionist from Nowra started Global Defence Solutions (GDS). Today, the company is one of Defence’s leading supplier of portable shelters and refrigeration. Read More »

  • Viv Johnston – Aerospace Engineer

    Helicopter rotor blades are an old technology that haven’t significantly improved since their invention. But with support and funding from Defence, a young aerospace engineer from Albury is trying to create the next generation of helicopter blade: faster, lighter and more efficient than traditional blades. Read More »

  • Cortney Thompson – Marketing and Communications Professional

    “Australia has an incredible opportunity here to lead the world in drone technology,” says Cortney. “We really need input from other Australian companies in other industries: technology, design and engineering.” Read More »

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