The Australian Defence Industry will play a key role in protecting our nation’s sovereignty and security, and underpinning our future economic prosperity.

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Continued investment will create opportunities for Australia to become globally competitive in the design, building and sustainment of defence projects, and create increased export opportunities.

To achieve this, we need:

Certainty around key projects

This will allow industry to invest in the skills and technologies that will allow us to deliver the best capabilities for the Australian Defence Force. This means: the best product; matching Australia’s specific requirements; achieving the best value for the Australian taxpayer.

A national approach

To provide the best possible equipment for our Defence Force, success will be a team effort: industry will need to boost its skills, that will also benefit individuals, the sector and the community; while governments and decision makers will need to ensure policies create an environment that allows Australian businesses to thrive.

A skilled workforce

A highly skilled and motivated workforce will be critical to delivering on upcoming defence projects. Australian defence industry will reap the rewards of this talented workforce for decades to come, with benefits transferred across a national supply chain and into the broader Australian economy.

Australian Made Defence aims to bring industry and the community together by providing education and information on Australia’s defence industry.

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