F35 Joint Strike Fighters

Aerospace highlights the complexity and sophistication our industry can achieve. The high-end skills required for developing and producing the precision components and leading-edge systems technology needed in the aerospace domain present huge opportunities for Australian companies to be on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

Australian industry involvement in the F-35 Joint strike fighter program is a great demonstration of the international opportunities available.

There are businesses across Australia already benefiting from the F-35 program, and the jobs and skills required to successfully take part in this project will have flow-on benefits across Australian industry.

More than 50 companies have contributed to the F-35 program bringing a value in excess of $800 million to the Australian economy. This is only the beginning of a new era in the defence industry that will see our sector thrive and bring about the creation of high-end jobs and skills.

Only a truly national effort can fulfil Australia’s future Defence requirements, securing our sovereignty and national security for decades to come.

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