Cortney Thompson โ€“ Marketing and Communications Professional

A hundred years ago, Cockatoo Island was one of Australia’s most important naval shipyards. It built our most strategic vessels from the late 1890s, through both World Wars and right through to the 1990s, when the shipyards were decommissioned.

After over a decade of dormancy, Cockatoo Island is going back to its historic roots becoming an advanced manufacturing precinct for the new generation.

One of the people leading the charge is marketing professional Cortney Thompson. With over ten years experience in tech communications, Cortney and her company Carbonix is trying to restore Cockatoo Island to the innovative industrial powerhouse it used to be by setting up a Centre for Drone Excellence.

“Australia has an incredible opportunity here to lead the world in drone technology,” says Cortney. “We really need input from other Australian companies in other industries: technology, design and engineering.”

Carbonix is well-positioned to lead this technological revolution. It has built Australia’s first fixed-wing, VTOL hybrid UAV (a drone half-plane, half-helicopter), made from a super-light and durable carbon composite material. The company combines expertise in aerospace design, advanced electronics and fabrication, to build this innovative product.

“We want to be able to buy Australian systems to put into this drone. We want Australian engineers to be building and modifying this drone. But without that expertise, capability or investment, that won’t happen.”