The defence industry provides highly skilled jobs and contributes to protecting national security and prosperity for the future.

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Over the next 50 years, the defence industry will be delivering billions of dollars in Australian-built projects. This means the opportunity for skills and jobs for thousands of people across our nation.

Can you see a future in the defence industry?

Creating job security

The Government's commitment to Australian made defence means you have the job security to advance your career. This will mean thousands of jobs in blue and white collar sectors and the opportunity for Australians to develop leading-edge skills for decades to come.

Developing skills and innovation

A career in the defence industry means you will be working with the world's best technologies and will develop skills to take you into the future.

Building our nation's security

Be part of something bigger. With the best people, skills and continued Government investment, a career in the defence industry means you will be contributing to the safety and prosperity of our country.

Australia has a proud history of delivering state-of-the-art defence capabilities.

See some of the industry's past projects

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